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Thread: Posting an R.O Unit

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    fish30 is offline Junior Member
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    Nov 2010

    Default Posting an R.O Unit

    Hi, im going to sell my R.O unit and dont know how I should post it. Is the membrane the only one that needs water? I have a 3 stage one with the brown crystals added to it (Dionisation unit). Its probably best I drain and through the membrane out and just let people know you can buy another for it?

    Thanks for any help

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    You mean throw the membrane out, right? The most honest thing is to let the buyer be aware of what condition it is in and let him decide whether that is acceptable or not.

    Membranes last longer than the filter elements and a TDS test may indicate that the membrane needs replacement.

    Andy Christensen


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