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Thread: Domestic RO and water with high TDS

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    Default Domestic RO and water with high TDS

    I have a friend living in an area where the water is quite high in TDS ...around 4000 ppm...is this considered brackish water ?

    Is it possible for him to install an RO unit for drinking water ? (he needs about 20 liters per day)...if so ,what kind of system would be suitable for him ? He doen't really care if he has to change membranes every 6-8 months but he needs to be sure that the RO water will be clean enough to drink it.

    Are the standard domestic systems suitable for these applications ? or the standard TW30 membranes will not last even a day ?


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    adife Guest

    Wink too high 4000ppm

    if use Ro system from 4000ppm godown about 300-400ppm
    so best way instanll a prefilter : like ultrafitration or mesh filter
    then install RO SYSTEM to protect longer use life

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    What other water test results do you have? Hardness, iron, sulfides, sodium chlorine?

    More information would be needed.


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