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Thread: clean water products question

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    Default clean water products question

    Hi everyone,

    I research on this the CWP 100. It is a RO unit. It make by a company called clean water products. I am wondering you guy heard of their product. What I need is a water filter system that I use it to sell water. I am wondering will this unit be good enough. The unit cost around 3000. There is another model also sell buy this company. It is the CWP 800 (cost around 10,000) and the CWP 2104 (cost 25,000). Can you guy suggest me the best system.

    What I mean best is drinkable and sell able. The place that I decided to install the unit is at Asia. This means the source water is coming from the water well. I do not know how the quality of the well (I cannot bring the water to the US for testing). However, the well is new (we use drilling topology). Nevertheless, for the worst case, I decided to invest my money for a good water filter (I believe it will pay off). I am wondering any of you guy know about this business, and he or she willing to guide me through this investment, I am willing to pay for the consultant fee. Also, any company representative who is a member of this site, and who wants to do business with me please contact me through my email address.

    My email address:
    [email protected]

    Thank you

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    Default RO water for Commercial use

    I sent a private message.

    Commercail production of RO water is more complicated than just installing an RO, even a great one. Source water condition, pretreatment equipment, estimated number of gallons (times 3), storage capacity, flow rate, rejection rate and end use purposes.

    Give us more details on your water issues and we can help you in the right direction.

    Andy Christensen, CWS


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