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Thread: Dishwasher film/etching on glasses

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    Default Dishwasher film/etching on glasses

    We purchased a Kinetico Reverse osmosis system when we bought our home about 8 years ago. We did a total remodel of the home and purchased a $900.00 Kenmore dishwasher. We have awful film on our glassware, and I have ruined all my glass Pyrex and glass bowls. I have contacted Kinetico and they had us change to salt, I have had Sears out, and nobody has been able to solve the problem. I have had cheap dishwashers and had no problems with film on my glasses. I know it is not the dishwasher, my son ghas the same dishwasher, and no problems. The only thing that is different is the Kinetico system. After paying all that money I just want to rip it out! I havealso tryed doing Tang and running it through the dishwasher, I have bought products to add to my dishwasher, I have changed and tried all different kinds of dishwasher soaps. Any ideas????

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    I've had experience with etching being caused by the use of too much detergent when you have soft water. Only use a teaspoon or 2 on soft water or the etching will be an issue. I am confused by the reverse osmosis part of your post as it has nothing to do with the dishwasher unless you have a whole house RO system. I'm guessing you meant softener?

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    Not sure how your RO is connected to the dishwasher, either. What do you mean, 'switch to salt"?

    Use low temperature settings with glassware. And no drying cycle. Check to see if the detergents are high in phosphates. Soaps can be 'baked' on to glassware.

    Give more details on water quality, city water?

    Andy Christensen


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