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Thread: Strange precipitate after installing under sink RO filter

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    sirius9086 is offline Junior Member
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    May 2006

    Default Strange precipitate after installing under sink RO filter

    I just installed a RO under sink filter, and I've let the water out of the tank 3 times already. On the fourth fill, I cooked the water but noticed a large amount of strange white precipitate (like small semi-white crystals) after boiling. It is not there when uncooked, and water directly from tap doesn't show this even after cooking...I just added a alkali filter to attone for the slight acidity in my water, could this be what's causing the white precipitate?

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    rscardigno is offline Administrator
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    Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

    Post Where did you add the Alkali filter?

    It is strange that you are only seeing precipitate from the RO system only. Where did you add the Alkali filter to? What is the name and brand of this filter? Are you on city or well water? If you are on a well, do you have a water softener installed on your water line?


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