After draining and re-pressurizing the tank, I did the following: 1. Leave the tank valve in off position. 2. Flush the membrane. 3. Close off the flush valve. 4. Open the faucet until water starts coming out (15 mins). 5. Shut off faucet. 6. Turn tank valve back on. 7. Turn on water until tank drains (repeat). 8. Open valve to icemaker. Now, when I turn on the either of the hot or cold faucets (my insinkerator) there is a small squirt spraying toward the on-off lever. This vent hold is just above the screw-on faucet tip. I thought it was clogged so I put a new one on. Same result. I had this problem before and called insinkerator. They told me the pressure in the RO tank was too low, thus the squirt. Now the pressure is perfect and I get good flow but still get the squirt from the vent hole. It used to squirt from the hot side only when the lever was fully depressed. Now hot or cold does the same thing. Anybody have a similar situation?