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Thread: RO & SubZero... booster pump?

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    Default RO & SubZero... booster pump?

    Hello All,

    My home is in the process of being built and my wife and I are adding a water softener and RO system to the home. We reduced our options for these systems to either Kinetico or Hague... however, we are now second guessing on whether or not we should purchase the RO unit from these respective companies, or whether we should purchase a more inexpensive RO unit.

    Our concerns are:

    1) We received information that with a SubZero refrigerator, the water pressure from an RO is insufficient, and that we'll need to purchase a booster pump (I believe) to increase the PSI to the SubZero. Kinetico claims that their unit produces enough pressure and eliminates the need for it. Is this the case? If not, what are my options for a booster pump... reliability, enough pressure and quietness being equally important.

    2) We intend on running tubing (food grade) to a potfiller over our range from our RO. Do you see any potential issues that may arise from this setup; for any of the RO units, Kinetico, Hague or the inexpensive alternative?

    3) If there are no real advantages with the Kinetico or Hague units, what inexpensive (relatively speaking) options are recommended?

    We are a family of four; two infants, my wife and myself. Long term, we are planning on having one more child. We also get guests about twice a year, for about a month at a time... usually 1 or 2 people.

    I appreciate any input and thank you in advance!

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    Kinetico is miles ahead of the pack with their K5 RO. It's worth every penny. Only uses a 3:1 ratio of waste to good water. Has a rinsedown feature to ensure max life of the membrane. The water over water tank delivers at the faucet like an air charged tank could only dream of. You have 2 extra slots available for additional filtration options. It's really top of the line and for a reason. If you're going to do the potfiller I would recommend adding a second storage tank on to the RO system so you have enough water to fill pots. Something like a WM6 or 9 well tank would work. They're usually only a few hundred bucks themselves and the labor to hook it up is almost nothing with the john guest fittings. Just be sure to keep to a regular filter change and sanitizing routine to keep it all in good working order and you'll be all set.


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