I recently moved into house that has a water filtration system that I want to learn how to manage. This is how the water appears to flow from my well:
pumped out of well with a pumptro water pump to well saver pump tank (blue tank)
then to GE whole-house smartfilter(GXWH35F) then to rust/iron removal tank(structural) and then to salt/potassium chip tank(big blue tank).
Then the water flows to a purepro RO tank (RO-132) and then through 6 filters:
1)sediment filter
2)carbon filter
4)RO membrane tube
5)in-line filtration tube
6)taste and odor reduction tube

The water then flows to sink and fridge.

I managed to track down all the filters and a replacement RO membrane. The previous owner said he swapped the filters on a regular basis. I plan to swap out all of these filters every 6-12months.

So my questions are:

I was told that the RO tank has a bladder inside and the whole tank needs to be replaced every 5 years? Is that correct?

Does anyone know what maintenance is needed or how often the iron removal tank lasts?

I plan to shut off the water, wipe down the housings and o-rings, replace all the filters, and turn water back on and drain the RO tank a few times before we start drinking again.

I was told that the system was probably installed in 2008

Any other suggestions?