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Thread: Culligan Aqua Cleer Question

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    Default Culligan Aqua Cleer Question

    My husband found a Culligan Aqua Cleer under skink reverse osmosis system at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The problem is that it had no manual with it and he's having a difficult time figuring out how to hook up the final filter. The first two filters are very simple, the last one (which is labelled Use Module No. 01000145) however has four different ports.

    All of the manuals we have looked up online feature pictures of a filter with a different configuration the filter we have--a configuration that looks like this http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x...on/Figure8.jpg . The filter we have, however, has a head that looks like this http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x.../Figure9-1.jpg , and then, not pictured, it has a port on the bottom on the filter just like the other filter does. We found the picture of our filter in this manual http://www.freshwatersystems.com/support/H83-H-53.pdf . However, every other picture and diagram features the other filter configuration.

    What we're trying to figure out is what all of these different ports are. Presumably one takes in the water, one releases the filtered water, and one releases any unfiltered water that remains. Which ports specifically do those things? Also, it seems like there only needs to be three ports, but there are four. What is the fourth one for? Is the dirty water pumped back into the filter for some reason?

    Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

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    Replying from Culligan Corporate:

    From your description and the links you provided, it looks like you have have an older model H-30 or H-53 system. The manual you linked to may or may not be the right one. It's difficult to tell without seening pictures of the system.

    In general, there are ports for feed water, product water, and waste water. Depending on the system you have, the fourth port you are referencing may be the port out to the faucet.

    I recommend contacting your local Culligan dealer. They will be able to ensure your system is properly installed and working correctly.

    If you can provide your city and state I can help you locate the dealer in your area. Or you can find a dealer by entering your zip code at www.culligan.com


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