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Thread: Culligan Model H20S-R

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    stephanie is offline Senior Member
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    Default Culligan Model H20S-R

    This reverse osmosis model by Culligan takes these Culligan compatible filters:

    Carbon Block
    Post filter/Polishing Filter (1/4")

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    Default Culligan Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Culligan Reverse Osmosis models are a great way to purify drinking water. The reverse osmosis process is actually quite interesting and is the perfect way to eliminate 99% of pharmaceuticals and contaminates from drinking water. Reverse osmosis is the opposite of the osmosis process that occurs in nature. Osmosis is the passage of a liquid through a semi-permeable membrane. In nature, osmosis drives a liquid with a low level of dissolved solids (usually water) through a semi-permeable membrane into a solution of higher dissolved solids concentration. It continues until the osmotic pressures of both liquids have equalized. The natural osmosis process, therefore, works great in pushing the more concentrated tree sap up to the tallest leaves of an oak tree, but it uses up pure water to do it. To treat water using the osmotic process, the natural forces of osmosis must be reversed.
    In the reverse osmosis process, the water from a liquid with a high concentration of dissolved solids is forced to flow through the membrane to the low concentration side where this water can be collected. The process is achieved by applying enough pressure to overcome the natural osmotic pressure forces on a membrane. The semi-permeable membranes used in the process are engineered to only allow the passage of the water molecule, and the result is high quality water.
    Culligan has taken advantage of this amazing process to produce many high quality products, such as the Culligan Good Water Machine® Drinking Water System to produce drinking water that is of superior quality.
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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    CulliganMan is right abnout the basics of RO technology and the benefits of having GREAT water for consumption purposes. RO is probably the most economic and convenient way to produce the highest quality water.

    Not all ROs are the same even though the basic technology is there. Some units provide additional features that prolongs membrane life and therefore better water for longer periods of time.

    Delivery of product water can be enhanced with a few different methods and this benefits the owner with higher flow and longer reaches (wet bars across the house). There are ways, also, to increase production and reduce membrane concentrate rinse.

    Regardless, RO is a very good way to improve water that no simple filter system can not touch. Cost is often relfected in quality and quantity.

    Andy Christensen, CWS-II


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