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Thread: Trickle of Water

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    Default Trickle of Water

    I have a proline RO system. I believe it is a 6 stage (UV light). It started to drop the amount of water I got until it was only a trickle. I replaced all of the filters and it still gave a trickle. I replaced the membrane and it still only gives a trickle. I flushed the unit several times and that didn't help. The tank was full of water. I drained the tank and tried to get 7 psi of air pressure into it but the pressure guage I have has 10 psi for it's first mark. It appears that the tank is loading again. Will post later if it started working again.
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    Is your tank a 3-gallon tank? Weight it on bath scale. How much does it weight when it is full? If it is around 24 lbs., then your bladder might be shot.

    In that case a new tank or bladder replacement would be needed. let us know.

    Andy Christensen, CWS-II


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