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Thread: Cooling water from attic pipes

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    Chrisko4 is offline Junior Member
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    Sep 2008

    Question Cooling water from attic pipes

    I would like to install an RO system, but after having my house repiped, the water coming into my kitchen is too hot in the middle of the day--even after I insulated my pipes--to run through an RO unit. Do any of you have experience with an efficient way of getting the incoming water cool enough to go through an RO unit after being super heated in an attic?



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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    This is a first. Are you living in a tropical area? Why do pipes go through the attic? What is the temperature of the water? Actually, slightly warmed water is not bad for an RO and will produce more water with the same pressure and TDS. Unless your water is over 80F, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Is the attic vented? So you have no cold water in the house?

    Andy Christensen, CWS-II

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    Chrisko4 is offline Junior Member
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    Sep 2008

    Default Too hot

    I live in Southern California, and the temperature goes well over 100 degrees in summer--outside of the house and inside our pipes. In fact, during the hot months the water from our cold line is too hot to wash with until it runs long enough to cool.
    Because we had a leak in our under-slab pipes, the repipe was done through the attic. This is normal in my area. Yes, we do have ventilation in the attic--including a fan--but on a 100+ degree day the attic is probably approaching 120 degrees or more at times. Even with insulation around the pipes, several hours in the inferno heats the water up extremely.

    I am sure that there are many people in Southern California who have repiped and run into this problem, so I hope that there is an efficient solution floating around as well.


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