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Thread: How to increase RO water PH and what kind of gas in my RO's water?

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    gaindauz is offline Junior Member
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    Dec 2008

    Question How to increase RO water PH and what kind of foamy/gas in my RO's water?

    My feed water:
    - well water with whole house filter for sediment installed, no softener and no chlorinator.
    1) 5 micron polypropylene wound
    2) 0.5 micron polypropylene fiber
    3) 10 micron Carbon Block (CTO).
    Output water's
    - PH 6.5 - 6.8
    - TDS 220ppm - 240ppm,
    - Temperatur 26 - 30 Celcius
    - turbidity is clear, taste and odor normal (no worry)

    RO Unit 100GPD with 4 stage pre filter & 3 post filter + UVC 2GPM.
    Pre Filter:
    1) Slim Ceramic Filter absolute 0.9 micron
    2) & 3) Carbon Block
    4) Ceramic Filter absolute 09.micron
    Post Filter:
    1) Post Carbon CTO
    2) Magnetize/hexagonal filter (factory said make water molecul more smaller)
    3) Mineral Filter
    4) UVC 2 GPM (11 watt philips)

    RO water output:
    - PH 5.5
    - TDS 8 - 10 ppm
    - Without mineral filter taste very bitter, after added Magnetize & mineral filter, taste better but still acid.

    We have water dispenser (hot,cold & normal), befofe purchased RO units we bought factory mineral bottle (19 liter).
    Now we use the bottle and fill it with RO water, put it on dispenser and use it for daily drinking water.

    However after a few use (arround 2 -3 liter) the bottle seem to have many foamy all over the wall and it become more till water is empty, its like the oxygen or gas, not sure about it.

    The foam also visible in the glass direct from RO faucet, after while it is gone.
    Its like my RO produce "drinking soda" .

    How to increase RO Water's PH or make water more alkaline?
    Or is there treatment to make RO water more alkaline?
    Have you ever experience what is the foamy/gas it is? is it bad or good?

    Thanks in advance.
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    gaindauz is offline Junior Member
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    Dec 2008


    No response. So found my self.

    Simple, incrase filter just installed Alkaline filter for plish the RO water.
    GAS, maybe oxygen or hydrogen, maybe affect from hexagonal filter not really sure, because not so much if filter is removed.

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    Gary Slusser is offline Banned
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    Jan 2008
    Wherever we park the motor home.


    Usually it is CO2.

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    Dec 2006
    Port Clinton, Ohio, United States


    Opponents of RO water often site that ROs remove 'essential' minerals and causes water to become too acidic. Both of these may be true but really have little to worry about.

    Essential minerals come from diet and suppliments. Water is a transporter of nutrients not a supplier. Many beverages we consume have a pH far lower than RO. Adding a mineral cartridge to an RO will help elimninate these concerns as well as add a taste to the water.

    This site can help you find these filters:


    Andy Christensen, CWS-II


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