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Thread: water smells, why?

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    Default water smells, why?

    I have a brand new 5 stage RO filter tgi pure 525. I have added a what is supposed to be a mineral filter as the last stage before the faucet. The problem is the water for the first cup or so smells like the that mineral filter. the filter has no label on it, however when I looked at the granuals it looks like corosex. I cannot tell if its a multistage cartridge or not. anyway, the water smells like car radiator. my wife says it smells a bit fish like. Any idea what it could be. I guess I could add a carbon post filter after but, is this really necessary? Or is there something wrong?

    what does calcite or corosex smell like?

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    Can you check the pH before and after the filter?

    Andy Christensen, CWS-II


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