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Thread: Avoid contact with skin ???

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    Stephen Mendes is offline Junior Member
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    Apr 2009

    Default Avoid contact with skin ???


    I received my new RO membrane and it has warnings on the package.... use gloves.... avoid contact with skin... etc.

    Why ?

    Are these filmtec membrane cylinders toxic ?... what gives ?

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    Dec 2006
    Port Clinton, Ohio, United States


    No, absolutely not. You are the 'toxic' one. Membranes 'filter' down to the molecular level. Oils, films, bacteria, etc., on your skin should be avoided so that the membranes can contribute most effectively in producing as pure a water as possible. These are produced in very highly sanitized environment and they don't want you make them dirty.

    The directions are easy to follow.

    Andy Christensen, CWS-II

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    Stephen Mendes is offline Junior Member
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    Apr 2009


    Thanks for your answer.... I changed all the filters and the membrane....
    and then I partially drained the system twice.... I say partially because I did NOT allow the flow to stop, I closed the tap when the water slowed to just a trickle.... so only the pressure was removed but the tank still was heavy with water.

    My wife drank some and said it tasted fine.... but I decided to do it once more anyway and UNFORTUNATELY I forgot the tap open for over an hour and when I finally got back to it there was NO WATER at all and the tank was completely EMPTY.

    I am hoping it will recharge itself BUT I see no evidence of DRAIN flow and THAT bothers me.... always before when it is recharging I see DRAIN flow.

    In 6 hours I will know.... one way or the other..... but can you explain why there would be NO DRAIN FLOW from a totally depleted system ????


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