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Thread: Trouble tracking my shipment

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    Thumbs down Trouble tracking my shipment

    According to the FiltersFast website and the FiltersFast email, my order was shipped four days ago. But am I still unable to track my shipment on USPS's website using the link provided in the email. The website says that they have been notified electronically to expect my package but that the package has not been received yet and no shipment date is available.

    When I called FiltersFast to check if there was a problem with my order, they told me that USPS doesn't scan their packages and that it is not possible for them to track my order. The lady that answered the phone was rude, inconsiderate and not helpful. She said that there's nothing they can do and that I just need to be patient. She never even asked for my name or my order number.

    This doesn't seem right to me. I am accustomed to being able to track my shipments online and gain a better understanding of where my package is at and when it will arrive at my home. I also expect the sender to have some kind of responsibility in ensuring that shipments go out as scheduled.

    Is this the normal expected treatment for FiltersFast orders? At this point I am tempted to make future purchases on another website where I can find competitive prices and better customer service.

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    rscardigno is offline Administrator
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    Post Priority Mail Shipping versus Fedex Shipping

    Filters Fast offers 3 shipping options for US addresses and they are USPS priority mail, Fedex 2 Day, and Fedex Overnight. The most affordable is the USPS priority mail which can be as low as $1.99 for orders over $50. USPS does not offer true tracking numbers on priority mail shipments. They do offer delivery confirmation numbers which show the electronic notification and the delivery of the package. If tracking is an important feature for you, we highly recommend paying a little extra for the Fedex 2 day option. Most people do not require tracking their package every step of the way and would prefer to save money on shipping. We have looked up your order by email address and have found the following

    Order placed on Friday 8/11.
    Order processed on Saturday 8/12.
    Order picked up by USPS priority mail on Monday 8/16.

    As is clearly stated on our website, all shipments are made within 1 business day of placing your order. You ordered on Friday and it was picked up on Monday which is one business day. You chose the priority mail option over Fedex 2 day or Fedex Overnight options when you checked out using our online shopping cart. Priority mail takes 2-4 mail days to arrive but usually arrives in 2-3. Since your package was picked up on Monday, you can expect it today (Wednesday) or tomorrow (Thursday).

    We take our shipping policy very seriously and do everything possible to ensure we meet our 1 business day policy. In fact, over 96% of our customers who fill out our post satisfaction survey state that they receive their shipment earlier than they expected to receive it.

    We will be happy to look into your customer support concern. We do pride ourselves on superior customer service and monitor our ratings very closely in this area as well. Our average customer support review is a 9.6 out of 10 over the past month showing how we focus on supporting our customers and ensuring all of your concerns are answered. We are sorry to hear that you are one the very few unsatisfied customers to contact us. If there is any further data you need to assist in your order, please do let us know.


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