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Thread: Leaks in Pentek slimline filter housings

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    Default Leaks in Pentek slimline filter housings

    Please help! I bought 3 Pentek water filter housings from here, but I can't seem to get them to work:


    The plastic NPT connections to the housings leak. The housings are connected in series and hooked up inline between the supply line and my existing faucet. I already checked for cracks and imperfections in the parts and physically, they fit, but it's just not water tight under pressure.

    I tried 2 different sets of fittings and neither work, a PVC set from online, and the other are nylon fittings from Orchard. I used Teflon tape, and then I tried Rectorseal thread compound with the PVC fittings and neither worked. I tried several times and I get a moderately fast dripping leak. Next, I tried nylon fittings with Rectorseal and allowed it two days to cure before pressurization. It held at first but after adding about a tablespoon of chlorine bleach for disinfecting and about 15 seconds of pressurization, it failed. I'm not sure if it was the bleach or the pressure that caused it to fail, but either way, it's not acceptable since the system must be able to run at full pressure and can be disinfected. Here is the link to the PVC fittings I used:


    I plan to call the Pentek tech support line tomorrow, but please share any experience or insight that may help. This was supposed to be a simple build, but now it's turned into a big headache.
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    These items have standard 3/8 inch NPT. The best way to get the fittings to seat is to use 3-4 wraps of good teflon tape or 5-6 wraps of the inexpensive stuff on the threads. Then hand tighten the fittings in to place and finally use a wrench and make 1 turn to fully seat the fittings. Do not over tighten the fittings as this is Plastic and can crack.


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