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Thread: H2S smell in filtered water

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    Default H2S smell in filtered water

    We have moved into a home with a well that was drilled about 10 years ago. The previous owners installed a Kinetico undersink water filter. After we moved in the filter began to leak, so Kinetico came out and replaced the unit and the filters (but not the RO membrane) and sanitized the system. Since the unit was replaced we can now smell H2S in our filtered water. We talked to the previous owners and they stated that they had never smelled H2S in the filtered water. I contacted Kinetico and they said the filter isn't designed to filter H2S, so they couldn't help us. We find it odd however that before the service call there was never any smell to the filtered water. Any comments?

    We have H2S smell in both our hot and cold unfiltered water. I have been talking to some well service companies and they both stated that you cannot use RO systems with water that has H2S in it as it will harm the membrane. Is this true?

    Lastly, I have also read that if you have high PH water (ours tested at 8.52) that the hydrogen sulfide will form an insoluble precipitate and then is able to be filtered out. In that case, would a RO system remove the smell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by walsh12
    You can try Reverse Osmosis. It may help you out to get rid of the H2S smell.
    I would never recommend any membrane technology to remove hydrogen sulfide gases. These gases will damage the membrane. In all cases that I have for sulfur treatment, I will avoid ROs, or any membrane, until the sulfur is taken care of.

    Andy Christensen, CWS-II

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    The only part of an RO that can remove H2S is the carbon filter ahead of the membrane but it may not get all of it so RO should not be sued on water that has H2S in it.


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