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Thread: Need help on how to hook up existing system

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    dbellmaine is offline Junior Member
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    Default Need help on how to hook up existing system

    Just bought older home with an existing filtration system under kitchen sink. Previous owner gave instructions about replacements filters, which we purchased from filtersfast.com.

    System has 3 canisters all in a row (filters are FXUTC, FXULC, FXUSC), PLUS an inline filter that lays on the bottom of the cabinet under the sink (filter is GXRTDR).

    So there are four filters in all, however when we went to get it working, only the inline filter was hooked into the system. The three canisters have tubing coming in and out, but it is not clear how it hooks up with the inline and faucet.

    Can anyone help me out?

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    Alex is offline Senior Member
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    Mar 2009

    Default 4 stage undersink carbon water filter system

    Is there any models on the 3-stage unit? Or is it 3 separate housings put in parallel?

    You will want the water coming first to the 3 housings;

    Stage 1 - FXUSC

    Stage 2 - FXUTC

    Stage 3 - FXULC

    After it leaves the 3 stages you can have it run through the inline GXRTDR filter as a 'polishing' filter. Then would hook up to your faucet.

    After the 3 carbon block filters in the housings, there isn't much that the last inline will be removing and may not be necessary but the water will have more contact time with carbon for possibly higher reduction of chlorine / contaminants.

    It is recommended that you have these filters connected to a separate faucet on the sink as the flow rate through these filters would not suffice for a standard kitchen faucet.

    Post back any updates!


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