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Thread: American Plumber filter model wvc34

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    Default American Plumber filter model wvc34

    I have an American Plumber filter model wvc34 and I would like to know what filter to use for sediment.

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    Smile WVC34 Filter Options

    The WVC34 can use any of the standard size filters. If you are looking to remove chlorine taste and odor, we recommend a carbon based filter. If you are only interested in sediment, we recommend any of the other listed filters. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Carbon Based:
    WLC-R at http://www.filtersfast.com/WLC-R-CBR2-10-water-filters.asp
    W.5Cb carbon block at http://www.filtersfast.com/Ametek-CBC-10-water-filters.asp
    WCC at http://www.filtersfast.com/American-Plumber-CC-10-water-filters.asp

    Non Carbon Based:
    W5W at http://www.filtersfast.com/Ameican-Plumber-W5W-water-filters.asp or similar http://www.filtersfast.com/OmniFilter-RS2-DS-whole-house-water-filter.asp
    w50PE at http://www.filtersfast.com/American-Plumber-W50PE-water-filters.asp


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