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Thread: HELP Please Autotrol 255

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    Default HELP Please Autotrol 255

    Hi All,
    I have an Autotrol 255 Valve with 440 clock timer. The product was purchased in 1999. I haven't added salt in a few years secondary to the unit not working (salt remaining same level). I did unplug the unit a few years ago and figured I would no longer use it (didn't really like the soft water anyways). I do remember in the past, when the unit was working I would see little crystals around the unit near the black hose drain. TODAY, I flushed the toilet and noticed those crystals (large amount) in my toilet and subsequently throughout my entire water system in the house. The crystal actually clogged all of my fawcets (pain in the a$$ cleaning them). I did go and turn the white valves to make sure I am totalling bypassing the unit (I hope I turned them correctly) *made sure the bypass valve was straight in alignment and the other 2 making a +. My fear is now drinking the water. Is it okay to drink? Any suggestions on maintenance? Has anyone had this issue before and are the crystals toxic? Any input would be appreciated.

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    Crystals... maybe you mean resin beads, they are very teeny tiny like a 1/16th inch diameter and can be from white to black in color.

    The best advice IMO is t ocall a local dealer out to service the softener and if not fix it, make sure it is in the bypass position.

    Or, post a picture or two of the by p[ass valve(s) so I can tell you what position they have to be in.

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    You could be getting the softening media into your water. If you completely bypass the unit, it will stop. If you flush out all of the beads in your plumbing system, you should be ok.


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