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Thread: Which Autotrol do I have? System help...

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    Default Which Autotrol do I have? System help...

    I recently bought a house that has a softener system installed. I don't have any manuals or documentation for the system except for the initial install and annual servicing receipts. I'm trying to figure out which system I have. The install receipt only says ion tank install. No valve numbers.

    I'm also trying to figure out if the system is working properly. Whe nI purchased the house, there was salt in the tank...about 4 inches deep. There was half of a 40lb bag sitting next to the tank, so I dumped the rest of it in. Here we are in November, and the salt level doesn't appear to have changed. I don't think the system is working properly. It's set up to regenerate every Thursday, and the salt lbs setting is on 12. The water is still extremely hard because it stains the toilets and the white clothes.

    I've never seen water in the brine tank until last night when I made it do a manual regeration. I finally saw the salt move and water come up.

    Is there a way I can check to see if its working properly? The system was installed in 1997.

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    Perhaps this will help you identify the control valve... http://www.softnerparts.com/category/6100/

    In general, if the unit triggers a regeneration when expected, based on style and design of the control valve, and the salt level goes down over time the softener is working.

    There may be a salt blockage at the bottom of the brine tank preventing water from entering to make brine and/or the brine being drawn out to regenerate the resin.

    With a system installed in 1997 there's a good possibility that the resin is depleted from use over time. Sounds like you've got a timer based system and they have been surpassed in efficiency by the on-demand design.

    Identify your control valve and download a manual. Follow the troubleshooting guides in the manual. Clean out your brine tank, add a couple bags of fresh salt, and see where you are at that point.

    If you're a DIYer you can replace that old system with a new industry standard design for not much more than the cost of repairing the old one.
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