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Thread: Setting up a softener with manganese in water

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    Default Setting up a softener with manganese in water

    How is manganese treated when I am figuring my “compensated” hardness? My water softener manual says to multiply the ppm of iron x 3 and add it to the total grains of hardness. I have 1.01ppm total manganese, dose it count for anything?

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    Manganese is a pain in the butt.... but it can be worked with.
    Iron will start to stain at .3ppm
    Manganese will start to stain at .05ppm

    If you treat 1ppm of Mn as 2ppm of Fe then it should work out..
    So with the 1ppm of Mn double that to 2 then times 4 says 8
    I for 20 years have done Iron by 4 so if your iron is at 2 there is another 8 and say 6 grains of hardness.. the comp hardness is at 24 and if you are working with a 22k unit that it could go 900 gallons with no reserve..


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