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Thread: System for low pH and Iron Bacteria

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    Default System for low pH and Iron Bacteria

    Hello all;

    Can you advise me on a setup that would handle water problems. I have odor in both hot/cold, yellow staining and Arsenic. We have 3 people in the home and a water flow rate of ~14 gpm. My water analysis is below:

    Hardness - 26 gpg
    pH - 6.6 pH Units
    Iron - 1.27 mg/l
    TDS - 520 mg/l
    Arsenic - 0.013 mg/l
    Iron Bacteria

    Let me know if you need any more information.


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    2.0 to 2.5 cubic feet of calcite to correct the ph, and as the ph is corrected some of the iron is likely to be removed. You have the flow rate for good back washing of the media. I would have it back washing at least every other day.

    Then test the water again and find out what levels have changed.

    A softener of 1.5 cubic foot should be able to then handle the iron that is left and remove the hardness.

    Arsenic.......... research research and more research.

    One step at a time.


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