Pyrolox, Filox, Catalox, MangOx. Are there any differences in these materials? On the surface, they appear to be trade names for the same 75-85% manganese dioxide material. Why trade name a raw material? (Not counting bottled water) Are they all created equal?

Why the differences in backwash rates?

Pyrolox: 25 to 30 gpm /sq.ft.

Filox: 12 to 15 gpm/sq.ft.

Catalox: 15 gpm/sq.ft.

MangOx: 22 to 30 gpm/sq.ft.

As I go from talking about building an iron filter to installing and setting it up, I am concerned about what backwash rate to use. Is more better and is too much just right? Or, is there science behind the backwash rates and not just marketing?

Any opinions?

I am planning on using Birm but would use Filox if I thought I could backwash it correctly do to its advertized life expectancy.