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Thread: Water Hardness Testing

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    Tlb53160 is offline Junior Member
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    Arrow Water Hardness Testing

    I have a water softener and RO system. I have taken the water hardness test with the following results:
    Untreated Water - 180 mg/L, Water after Softener - 150 mg/L, Water after RO system - 20mg/L

    Are there any problems noticed with these results? Should not the Water Softener water be at a lower mg/L?

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    First of all, your numbers are puzzling.
    You say you are measuring hardness but aren't you really measuring TDS (total dissolved solids)?

    Softened water should have a slightly higher TDS than from its untreated stage. In the xchange of hardness minerals for sodium, the levels go up.

    Your RO, if it is working should bring the TDS down by at least 90% (depending on pressure, temperature and other factors).

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    Tlb53160 is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2011

    Default Water hardness Testing

    I was using a pNa tester, made by Hanna Instruments Model #HI98202, to get the water test readings and then converting it to mg/L using their chart.


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