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Thread: kinetico

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    ray is offline Junior Member
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    Default kinetico

    kinetico model 100 ---- 21 yrs old i want to replace beads, i dont have a manual so any info will help a lot.i have very hard water very high iron. i need to know what kind of beads---how much it takes to fill tanks----and where can i get beads. dealer wants $1000 to do job told him no aftr i got off floor. thanks ray and ring number looks like a 5

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    pawaterguy is offline Senior Member
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    You'll need 2 bags of resin (1 cubic foot each) and probably use 1.5 cubes total between the 2 tanks. I'd have to look it up to be exact but I think the 100 used 3/4 cube in each tank. Be sure to replace the distributor tubes while you have it apart. That's a "they may be ok but it's worth the extra couple of bucks while you have it open and apart" thing. That thousand may sound high and you can certainly do it cheaper on your own but there is sometimes value in allowing a pro to do the job for you to ensure it's all done properly. Overall, not an extremely difficult job to get done but there are some things you want to make sure you do right.

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    Use 1.5 cuft for each tank. Standard-mesh cation resins with no underbed of gravel. Be sure to lubricate all orings with silicon---not vasoline. Inspect distributors for any cracks or splits. If they are in good shape, you can use them.

    Sanitize tanks with a cup of bleach each for a few hours. becareful when refilling thanks and make sure all air is pushed out be manually regenerating in short cycles. Check brine float. If yu need more details, let me know.

    Andy Christensen


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