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Thread: Settings for Autotrol 255? Hardness? Capacity?

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    katydid is offline Junior Member
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    Aug 2011

    Default Settings for Autotrol 255? Hardness? Capacity?

    I'm sure this is a silly question....but.........

    Purchased a house with a Autotrol 255 Valve/460i softener. The house has been empty for nearly 8 years (seasonal home).
    We have hard water in our area but not what I call overly hard.....no real iron, but lime is an issue.

    What would you sugguest I start out with the hardness setting? The range is 1 to 99. I understand that hard water is 8.7 to 14.6 grains per gallon.......but what do I set this softener at for starters?

    After that where do I set the capacity setting? (1 to 99)
    Can someone give me a good place to start?
    I have the manual, but I'm lost at the hardness and capacity settings.

    It won't regenerate on its own, but will with the manual button. I'm assuming I need to clean the injector screen and injector.


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    Akpsdvan is offline Senior Member
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    Mar 2010


    A water test is needed. One needs to know the hardness of the water that the unit is dealing with.
    How is it that the water has an 8.7-14.6 grain reading?
    Capacity is based on the amount of media or resin and the amount of salt that is used each time that the system regens or cleans.


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