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Thread: Kinetico Carbon Filter

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    Default Kinetico Carbon Filter

    Hello All,

    We are in the process of building our home, and are leaning towards one of two water softener systems; either Hague or Kinetico.

    The Hague system has a carbon filter built-in, whereas, as far as I am aware, the standard 2040 from Kinetico does not have any carbon filtration. We are on municipal water (however, do not know chlorine levels), and I am wondering on whether or not I should spend an additional $500, if I go with Kinetico, to install their carbon filter.

    We will be installing an RO system in the house, so my concern with the chlorine is not so much with drinking. I did hear that if a chlorine filter is installed pre-softener, that the life of the softener will be extended because no chlorine will be running through it... something about the resins, not really sure, I am a complete newb on this topic. Basically, my questions are - is the $500 investment in the carbon filter worth it? Will I receive added benefit by filtering out the chlorine during bathing (we have two infants), laundry, etc?

    Thanks in advance for your response!

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    removing the chlorine protects your investment in the softener by giving you the max life possible. The chlorine wears on the resin and breaks it down prematurely...as well as damaging the seals in the rest of your plumbing system. It can also dry the skin and has all of those more cosmetic issues. I've read that "they" link it to heart disease nowadays as well...but we won't get into that as I'm not a doctor. That $500 is a small price to pay IMO. When it comes to water and your body (kidneys and liver and such) you can buy a filter or you can BE a filter. Always keep that in mind when making these decisions.


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