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Thread: What type of salt

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    Default What type of salt

    Hello everybody,
    In the next days I'm gonna buy a cc-206-c kinetico. According to the manufacturer this kinetico uses salt in blocks. The point is that a supplier can give me good salt with a very good price but NOT in blocks. I have talked with the technicians and they have told me that use another type of salt is not a problem, it's only a thing of volume. I mean that if I filled the salt container with salt in blocks I'll will need to refilled the container later but If I not use salt in blocks I will need to refilled the container before. (For example: I need to refilled the container with 10 kg of salt in blocks every 2 months with normal salt every 1 month and a half)
    I don't know another word to say "normal salt" but this salt is in small round blocks.
    What do you think about this?

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    Water can only hold on to so much salt and no more.
    One can only get just under 3lbs per 1 gallon of water.

    On a twin softener salt usage is based on water usage.

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    The salt block recommendations are little more than a convenience in loading the salt portion of the unit. That unit's salt tank is quite small and pouring salt pellets in from bags is a little more awkward and messy.

    I would buy a strong scoop and use it to take salt from the bag and into the softener. Use only a high quality salt: avoid rock-salt and solar-salt types.


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