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Thread: salty?

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    chris is offline Junior Member
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    Oct 2007

    Default salty?

    Hi, perhaps i'm a total imbecile.... but, my girlfriends house has a salt-type softener system which has been out of service for around 5 years. i added 160# of the recommended salt to the 40# tank, and cycled the system through the different stages for about 2 minutes each. the water tastes like i added about a tsp. of salt to a shotglass........laugh first, and then---please tell me what i did wrong......duh.....and thanks.

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    There could be a couple fo things 'wrong' so not to worry about your mental state...for the moment.

    It could be the resins are dead, calcified or fouled. Also, the backwashing stage is not thorough or salt dosage may be too high. There could maechanical problems with the valve or the pipes, tubes, ports are clogged from sitting around so long.

    I recommend getting a service call from a local professional. It will cost you but it you want to problem solved, you need to issolate the contion causing it. It may be something simple or complex and expensive.

    Gives more details on the water conditon from the source and the type of equipment you are using. Maybe we can figure this out for you.

    Andy Christensen, CWS-II


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