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Thread: Green Pond & we know it's not Algae

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    Question Green Pond & we know it's not Algae

    Greetings everyone,

    Last summer I built a fairly large pond in my pack yard (120,000 Gallons) and used Granite & Slate from the rocky mountains placed on top of the rubber liner & geo-textile. Then last fall we decided to use my well to fill the pond which took a few days to complete, upon it being filled we noticed we could not see past the first carved shelve as the water was a deep green. It sat over the winter with the aerators running for several months before we turned them off. We have now them both turned back on & the snow and ice has all melted (these pictures show you that our problem still remains). We have had industrial sampling done on the water which has yielded no microbiological formations to be causing this phenomenon. Several different water experts have come by to witness this atrocity & they are all stumped as to what may be causing it. All we know is it must be suspended minerals (perhaps iron, manganese, &/or copper?) and it is slowly (VERY slowly) settling out and leaving a green mineral deposit on the rocks. We know we have a fair amount of iron in our well water naturally, but left wondering if it's perhaps a reaction to any other minerals in the stone or other elements within the pond? I have put so much pride and joy into building this mini lake and find myself faced with this problem & looking for answers. Does anyone know what may be causing this? If so, how might one go about treating / filtering it... Anything is an option at this point, and we're leaning towards treatment of the water rather then just shipping in trucks of city water as the notion is that the treatment portion would pay for itself on this volume over the next few years.

    Here are the Links to the Photos:

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    I can't see green, just what looks like a real pond with muddy sediment. Probably from the iron, or sediment from the well, although you didn't give the water test results from the well.

    As to equipment, how many gpm will it have to be able to treat?

    How much iron, manganese?

    Is the water from the well clear?

    Are you running the pump open discharge or with a pressure switch and pressure tank or willing to install them, the equipment will require them?

    Where will you install the equipment?


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