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Thread: Where do I find TDS in this Report?

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    Default Where do I find TDS in this Report?

    I got the following tests results for my private well from the Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory in Augusta, ME back in 2005:

    pH = 6.7 (Low Li 8.5) (High Li 6.0)
    Chloride = 6 mg/L (RL 3.0) (MCL 250)
    Color <5 (PCU 5) (MCL 15)
    Odor = 2 (T.O.N/) (MCL3) (Qualifier J)
    Total Hardness = 22 mg/L (RL.025)
    E.coli = negative
    Nitrate Nitrogen <1 mg/L (RL .1) (MCL 10.0)
    Nitrite Nitrogen <.01 mg/L (RL. 01) (MCL 1.0)
    Calcium = 3.5 mg/L (RL.025
    Copper = 0.028 mg/L (RL.0005) (MCL 0.3)
    Iron = 8.6 mg/L (RL 0.025) (MCL .3)
    Lead = 4.2 ug/L (RL 0.5) (MCL 15)
    Magnesium = 3.3 mg/L (RL 0.025)
    Manganese = 0.24 mg/L (RL0.0005) (MCL .05)
    Sodium = 21 mg/L (RL 0.025)
    Uranium <.5 ug/L (Rl 0.5) (MCL 30)
    Turbidity = 62 NTU
    Fluoride = 0.2 mg/L 0.00193 (RL 0.2) (Low Limit 0.6)
    Coliform, Total = negative

    It has not been re-tested since then.

    I have had a Culligan system since 2006. For the first year the dealer changed the two 4 feet high tanks every month and then we went to an automated system which added a bin with some salt(?). The dealer had been delivering the tanks in the late Spring and then collecting them in the Fall. This is for a 4 bedroom seasonal cottage used only on the weekends with one bath and a kitchen with a washer and dishwasher. The cottage is on posts with the tanks underneath and is not winterized. I do not know the flow rate yet as we have not opened up yet. The 160 foot deep well provides 4 gpm.

    The dealer no longer wants to provide a seasonal service so my option is to buy equipment for $1,800 or go to an (unnecessary) annual service or find someone else or a different system.

    One potential service wants to know my TDS, which I guess is total dissolved solids. Does the above report provide this but by a different name or can it be calculated from the test results, or do I need to have my water retested by a different lab?

    From the info above does anyone have suggestions as to what other type systems I should seek?

    Thanks in advance for any insights.

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    As I answered you on my forum; Four yr old test data is too old to use for anything, so you need a new test and tell them to do TDS but it isn't needed for a softener or iron filter.

    Either will have to be removed to a warm place or somehow prevented from freezing. If you're wanting to do the installation yourself or hire a plumber, you'll have to call me.


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