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Thread: sulfer in water

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    Craig is offline Junior Member
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    Default sulfer in water

    I have high sulfer smell in my well water, any recomendations to the type of filter that may help reduce the odor?

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    Roxanne is offline Senior Member
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    Default Odor in water

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig
    I have high sulfer smell in my well water, any recomendations to the type of filter that may help reduce the odor?

    Hi Craig,

    Carbon filters usually remove most odors from your water, but depending on what is causing the odor you may need something more extensive. However, a carbon filter would be a good place to start and it's going to be your most economical solution. Below are links to a few products you could use:


    or if you have a bigger home ...

    with this filter : http://www.filtersfast.com/American-...er-filters.asp
    Roxanne Crawford

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    Although your question is a bit too vague, there are numerous ways to reduce or elminate hydrogen sulfide from well water. But before you select any piece of equipment or system, a number of details must be understood first.

    Are you intending to use the water form utility purposes, drinking water, or other uses?

    Does your hot water smell any different from your cold water?

    Do you have a submersible pump or a jet/deep well pump?

    What size is your pressure tank? Is it a bladder style or static air?

    For most high sulfur waters, a whole house system is nearly always recommended as it is more efficient, longer lasting and less maintenance.

    Chloination, ozone, greensand w/potassium permanganate, carbon backwashing, aeration systems are the most common choices available to home owners. A simple carbon (or KDF) in-line filter will not last long and you will be replacing them too frequently. Theu are cheaper to set up but may cost you much more in a short time...as well as the inconvenience.

    Let me know your concerns and details.


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