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Thread: what filter do I need

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    wwpete is offline Junior Member
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    Default what filter do I need

    I am using a whole house filter CBC 20BB .5 micron on my well water and still have a white film that coats my dishes and is very hard to remove. Do you know what filter I need to clear up this problem? Thanks Woody

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    Even without looking at your water test results, i would say that you are experiencing deposits of calcium carbonate, or hardness. No regular filter will solve this problem.

    The reason it is hard to remove is because the dissolve rock becomes solidified and must be removed either by scraping it or applying an acidic solution like vinegar.

    The filter you have is good at removing microscopic matter but not dissolved solids. A membrane, like that of a reverse osmosis, will also removed most dissolved solids but won't last long because it would need to be cleaned with an acidic fluid which is difficult, too technical, or bothersome.

    Andy Christensen

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    Roxanne is offline Senior Member
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    Default what's in your water...


    Try this filter before your CBC-20BB. It's the same size and will fit the same size housing as the CBC-20BB. Although please note this filter should not be used in place of the CBC20BB, but in conjunction with the CBC20BB. They do two different things and you need both.

    Roxanne Crawford


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