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Thread: Dark sediment in water in bathtubs--getting worse

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    kls5283 is offline Junior Member
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    Apr 2011

    Default Dark sediment in water in bathtubs--getting worse

    I rent and have kids. EVERY time we turn on the water in their bathtub, water has a brown color and dark sediment in it. I have to let it run for 3 or 4 minutes, turn off water, rinse out tub and then start their bath, and theres STILL some in the water with them. Now it is starting in my ohter tub. No problems in sinks-kitchen or bath. What is this and do I need to be concerned for health reasons? Is there a way to clean pipes?

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    Alex is offline Senior Member
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    Mar 2009


    Is this well or city water? Sounds like iron and/or manganese but is only determined by testing the water.

    Do you notice this from any other faucets or toilets?

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    Korymcn is offline Member
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    Apr 2012


    kls5283, were you able to pinpoint the cause of your problem?


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