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Thread: What is Polymer / Polymar ???

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    Default What is Polymer / Polymar ???

    We have a well, and when we moved into our home 3 years ago, we had a problem with orange rust and sulfur. I changed all the housing water pipes from galvanized to PVC and had a local professional set up and install a house filter system, and it works great; no odor / no rust.
    We have two 20 gallon drums we maintain w/ the filter system. One drum has a bleach/water and soda ash mix and the other has a water and polymer mix. Question: What is polymer and what is its function with a water filter system?

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    Does the bleach system come first or second?

    The tank with the bleach/water and soda ash is to handle the odor and low pH. Your pH is probably below 6.0. Now this will not remove iron but it may make into an insoluable form. he bleach will convert hydrogen sulfide to hydrogen sulfate, eliminating the odor.

    Bleach can also act as a sanitizing/disinfectant providing concentration and contact time is adequate.

    Monitoring the bleach is important as to keep its level acceptable for potability and other consequences of 'over' bleaching. Soda ash should also be checked to be sure pH levels are acceptable.

    The other system using the 'polymer' is probably a poly-(or bi-)phosphate that is a sequestering agent encapsulation the iron molecules and preventing them from coming into contact with oxygen or other oxidizing agents, including bleach.

    Phosphates are like a "liquid plastic". They work very effectively until they get heated as in a water heater. There they will separate from the iron and stins can occure in showers, dishwashers, laundry using hot water and washing machines. This is of course if the polymers are also called phosphates; ask your water treatment professional.

    It is very good that you got rid of your galvaized pipes!!!

    Does this makes sense?

    Andy Christensen, CWS-II


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