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Thread: Manganese, Magnesium

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    Default Manganese, Magnesium

    Howdy, Howdy,

    We have some well water that STINKS. Really bad. It was great for about 4 months, but now it's just foul. The water out of the fridge stayed tasting great, and since it was a carbon filter I tried a whole house carbon block filter. My mistake, it fouled in 7 days and its replacement also lasted 7 days. My bad, can one of you experts please review our water test? My family of 6 lives in a very remote mountainous area with no local expertise, near Lake Placid, NY.



    Calcium 48.2 mg/L
    Copper 0.013 mg/L
    Iron 0.064 mg/L
    Lead 0.003 mg/L
    Magnesium 9.5 mg/L
    Manganese 0.412 mg/L
    Sodium 4 mg/L
    Zinc 0.024 mg/L
    Alkalinity (Total) 160 mg/L
    Hardness 160 mg/L
    pH 6.4
    TDS 170
    Turbidity 0.5
    Sulfate 7.0
    Toluene 0.002

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    The best I can come up with on my own is that the taste is from the manganese and I need a greensand filter to remove that. But that is touchy because my PH is too acidic and I still end up with hard water. If I use a water softener instead, it should take out enough of the manganese, but the life of the resin wouldn't be too good...

    Again, I have no local expertise I can turn to.

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    Wherever we park the motor home.


    I don't see any reason a softener would not work well, as long as it is sized correctly for your peak demand flow rate.

    You could use an acid neutralizing filter.

    What does the odor smell like?

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    The smell is very tough to categorize. It's not the rotten eggs of H2S but it's not that far off. Metallic, plastic-y w/ an oily feel in the shower. SO unpleasant! Amazing to me that the ppm's are what they are and it has such an effect on the water...


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