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Thread: New filter - now seeing flakes in water

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    newstart18 is offline Junior Member
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    Apr 2009

    Default New filter - now seeing flakes in water

    Hello. I just purchased 3 new GE SmartWater MWF cartridges for my refrigerator. The water running through the old filter was starting to run quite slowly, but was still running clear. I installed one of the new cartridges, and am now seeing what look like small, clear "potato flakes" in the water. There were a lot of them at first, far less now but they are still there. I have run about 3 gallons of water out (twice what instructions said) and am still seeing them. The water is running much, much faster than it was before I installed the new filter, but again I am concerned about what I am seeing in the water. Does anyone have any idea what it is that I am seeing? Is it harmful? Any replies will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    WaterTech is offline Junior Member
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    If you are starting with a safe city water supply, you probably donít have reason for concern. I would just keep flushing the filter out.

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    Alex is offline Senior Member
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    Default Hard water

    Sounds like you have hard water. The flakes are scale that is formed from built up calcium and hardness minerals.

    The scale build-up is probably what slowed the flow of your old filter.

    Scale particles will not harm you.


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