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Thread: Help choose an aresenic filter!

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    thw75 is offline Junior Member
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    Default Help choose an arsenic filter!

    We are in the process of buying a house which has turned out to have aresenic and manganese in the water. So the seller is now going to put in a system to remove the arsenic. We also did some research and from 3 different pump companies got 3 different stories on what should be done. So we called the EPA and got a 4th recc. (that did not mesh with any of the pump guys reccs.). Then the seller, who has done no research, has just told us he talked to 3 places and all said he should have a "K5" filter installed. This is the 5th (!) suggestion.

    Since we are the new potential owners of the house, we want to insist on the BEST, most reliable and maintainable system. But what IS that??? Can anyone help? We want a whole house system, we have little kids and I'm not taking any chances ....
    Thank you!
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    BClark is offline Member
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    Default Arsenic filters

    I would suggest using a separate system for the arsenic filtration. A good filter to use would be the Pentek AS-CK Arsenic Cartridge Kit is designed for use in the Pentek AS-301E Arsenic Reduction System. Kit includes two filters that collectively remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, Arsenic III and Arsenic V. Part number 255401-43. FiltersFast also carries the Pentek AS-301E 3-Stage Arsenic Reduction System for those filters.



    The AS-CK is for treatment of water containing no more than 50 ppb total arsenic.

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    Andy CWS is offline Moderator
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    Arsenic can be a very serious contaminant and recent regulations have lowered the max. contamination level from 50ppb to only 10 ppb (billion!).

    A lead/led ssytem is often recommened as an effective and monitorable way to deal with arsenic. Determine if the As is AsIII or AsV.

    The K5 system does have an As filter that is certified for 500 gallons (depending on the influent level) butthat is for drinking purposes only. For a whiole house application, the system has to be able to not only remove the As, but also provide adequate flow rate---and, not be affected by other contaminants such as iron, extreme pH levles and so on.

    Lead/lag system

    Here is a detailed report;

    Andy Christensen, CWS-II

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    I would look for a WQA (Water Quality Association) member in your area. Then, be sure to have 3rd party validation form WQA or NSF on the system.


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