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Thread: Filter or Softener on tankless system

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    Default Filter or Softener on tankless system

    Going to install a tankless water heater (propane) and water hardness is 19-26, in NW Montana. One retired master plumber told me to install a Aqua Pure AP430 water filter for the scale. Do not really want a softener since I had bad experience with last one and all the resin beads throughout the plumbing system. Most plumbers give me a "deer in the headlights" look when I bring this up. All insist the only way to protect tankless systems is with a softener. Please help with some good advice or fact sheet on this problem. I do not want to ruin a new tankless system if I can help it. Household is three adults (70+ years) so we will not be running hot water 24/7.
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    Read the manual and you'll probably find a max allowable hardness gpg or it will say no hardness at all or you void the warranty.

    No filter removes hardness, only a softener will.

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    Default Ap430

    The AP430 is a phosphate cartridge that will extend the life of your hot water heaters or tankless hot water systems by stopping scale build-up and corrosion.

    This is a preventative for scale build up and corrosion, BUT this doesn't remove the hardness and you would replace the cartridge every 4-6 months.

    Again, as stated above, no filter cartridge removes hardness, only a softener will.


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