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Thread: colloidal clay in well water

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    Default colloidal clay in well water

    Greetings, my well water is giving me problems. The water is orange. I was told it is a result of colloidal clay. I have done some research on the problem. I currently have a 10in big blue whole house water filter installed. I have tried may types of filters, 1 micron, carbon 0.5 micron, pleated 0.35 micron. I did get some good results with the carbon 0.5 micron in the fall last year but when I replaced it this spring the water pressure was horrible from the get-go, not sure why although I'm assuming I have more sediment in the water than last year.

    I am considering installing a double 20in housing unit and use a carbon filter since the 20in should increase flow versus the 10in unit.

    I just wanted to throw my problem out there to see if anyone has any suggestions. I did get an estimate from a plumber to install an ultra filtration unit for a couple grand so I thought it best to try other options before investing in that pricey system. I am aware that suspended clay could be as small as 0.02 micron.

    I appreciate any input. Thank you

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    There are essesntiall two ways to handle colloidal particles. Since their diameter is around 0.08 - 0.02 microns, any standar filter will not work. It may improve it slighly but won't slove the problem.

    Using an alum solution/retention and filtration works well. Nanofiltration can also work providing micron rating is adequate. Both of these require appropriate engineering, adeqaute space andf considerable expense.

    Your wate IS treatable but you'll need to be very serious or you will throw good money after bad.

    Andy Christensen, CWS-II
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