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Thread: New site user needs service help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Slusser
    No names were sold. The plumber referred his interested customer to me and the customer called me voluntarily and if he bought from me I paid the plumber a fee out of my advertised price. The customer didn't pay a penny more, I made less money on the sale and the plumber was rewarded for his involvement and in most cases he was paid by his customer to install the equipment. I am the only one that could be said to have suffered any loss, but I saw it as a sale I would not have made otherwise and was happy for and the customer and plumber were happy. It seems only you are unhappy about it!!!!!!
    Then what was the "fee" for??? Money changed hands, IMO very easy to tell what happened.
    Trying to help people NOT get cheated ON THE NET.

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    Could we get back to the starting problem of this thread?

    Or is that just to hard for the Kids of this site?

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