A brief run down of my current system is I have a Whirlpool filter housing part # WHCF-DWHBB bought from Lowes and I currently have a Pentek ECP5-BB filter in it. I am on a well water system that is roughly 350' deep and about five years old. It was tested when we first moved in by the MD State Health Dept and passed and then by a leading water treatment company in the area in which they only recommended that we put on a filter as the water was fine. My problem goes back about three months ago when I noticed our ice cubes tasting funny. I changed the filter in the refrigerator which had been installed for a couple of years (my lack of maintance) and that took care of the bad tasting ice. Now I have had the filter mentioned above in for about 8-10 weeks and have devolped the rotten egg smell. It is mainly on the hot but can smell in the cold as well. The water has been used daily.

My question is if the filter is the wrong filter for my application could that cause the rotten egg smell. I replaced the filter tonight with another Pentek ECP5-BB in which I noticed that is for chlorinated water supplies which mine is not. The old filter was not real discolored but had the rotten egg smell in it. I cleaned the filter housing with bleach and rinsed well and reinstalled.

I hope it just a filter problem and any help provided will be greatly appreciated.