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Thread: Backwashing Whole House Filter

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    May 2010

    Default Backwashing Whole House Filter

    I have a Hague whole house filter (not softener). The media is KDF 55 and Carbon. I am the only one in the house , so the water usage is relatively low. The company who installed the filter has it set to backwash once a week. This seems like alot to me. Is there any benefit to once a week or am I just wasting water? Is there any impact to the life of the media? What is the typical backwash interval for this type of filter?


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    Akpsdvan is offline Senior Member
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    Mar 2010


    Once a week might be good, there are times that I have units with carbon back washing every 3 days. It all depends on use , what is in the water that the carbon is taking out.
    Reason for back washing is to move the bed around and get some of what the media is holding onto out of the system ..


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