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Thread: Kinetico 4" x 20" filters

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    Default Kinetico 4" x 20" filters

    I seem to be the only person alive needing this type filter. a 5 micron pleated and a post carbon filter, 10 micron. Are there other brands that work

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    I am having a difficult time why you think these filters are Kinetico brands. They don't produce these filters although they may include them on installs.

    The filters you are describing are commonly called Big Blue (BB) filters--most due to the size and color of the housings.

    BB filters are available at many locations locally and on the net. Carbon filters can be flow-through or radial flow types. They vary in application and effectiveness as well as flow rate.

    Some pleated filters are re-usable but carbon needs discarded.

    I hope this cleared things a little.
    Andy Christensen

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    Smile 4 x 20"

    Hi Kirk,

    Are your filters carbon or sediment? Are you sure they are exactly 4 inches in diameter? Usually the "BB" filters as Andy CWS mentioned come in 4 1/2" diameter. Here are a few we sell. And just so you know---normally we have the lowest prices on the net. Thanks!


    Roxanne Crawford


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