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Thread: BIRM Black Dust

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    jekeddy is offline Junior Member
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    Nov 2010

    Default BIRM Black Dust

    I have a pH tank, a water softener and a BIRM tank (in that order). Every time I drain my tub I am left with a small amount of blackish/greyish dust that I need to wipe up. It is quite noticeable in this particular tub because it has dimples on the bottom so it seems to trap the particles. It isn't noticable elsewhere in the house, but I know that if I keep running water that over time I will see it in the toilet tanks too.

    If I bypass the BIRM tank then I get no "dust" so I know it has to do with that particular tank.

    My question is: since the BIRM is black is it normal to have some residue come through in your water...maybe no one else noticed it because, like I said, I've really only noticed it in our tub with the dimples. To the naked eye, other taps in the house appear to be producing clear water. Or is it possible that the BIRM is precipitating something else out that doesn't seem to get filtered out?

    Do I just put up with it or is it possible there is something wrong? If so, does anyone have any ideas?
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    Sandra Ped is offline Junior Member
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    Jun 2009

    Default black water

    The problem I had a year or so ago has resolved itself. It seems the black sediment came from the iron filter that uses air to filter iron and manganese sulphate. For some reason it finally stopped. No one could give me an answer to this but it was suggested that the ph and the air in the water lines was breaking the sediment in the pipes loose. I did not believe that at first but after several months it just stopped. I no longer get the black sediment and flakes in my bathwater. I hope this helps.


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