My whole-house unit is 14 years old. It makes all of the right noises (flushing) on all of the right days, Mr EcoWater just tested it and the softener is barely softening at all. I am being told that it would probably cost $300-$400 to fix it, "if" he can find the parts (though he didn't even lift the hood) and I would be better off to buy a $2700 unit - stimulus $700 (don't get me started on the "S" word) = $2300. (He will email me model # etc tomorrow). He also wants to hook a new one up to cold, as well as hot water. That would be a great help in the house (ie toilets) but we water over an acre of lawn. Is hooking it to the cold water practical from a salt useage standpoint? And then he tells me I will need a RO unit for more $$. Really? Do I need all of this? I have never had any problems with my softener, it has worked well for the 14 years. Mr EcoWater was a real pushy salesman type so I took his opinion with a grain of salt. Thanks for any input you might offer.