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Thread: Rainsoft EC475CV and RO System Left with Foreclosed Home - DIY Maintenance?

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    Default Rainsoft EC475CV and RO System Left with Foreclosed Home - DIY Maintenance?

    Last year my wife and I purchased a foreclosed home that came with a Rainsoft system. The home was built in 2006, so the system can't be any older than that. The model on the exterior "stuff" is EC4 75 CV. The Model on the RO system under the sink seems to be 21279 (though I can't find any documentation on such a model number, so I'm not sure if that is actually the model number). I know very little about water filtration, so bare with me.

    When we bought the home last year I called Rainsoft to send someone out to check the thing out and service it as needed. The guy said the membrane under the sink was fine, but had to replace the 2 other filters under the sink and charged $125. The Rainsoft guy also said that next year (which is now) would be an expensive visit as a filter outside, as well as the membrane and two filters for the RO system would also need to be replaced.

    So now I'm wondering if I can just buy some filters offline and replace theRO filters myself (as I'm not real interested in paying Rainsoft several hundred dollars to come out and swap out some filters I could change myself). I'm also wondering if there is anything on the outside system (filters, media, etc) that needs to be replaced or serviced.

    I've looked online for a service manual and I'm coming up empty. What I have found (http://www.rainsoftofhouston.com/manuals/EC4.pdf) is extremely basic.

    Does anyone have a service manual for this thing that would give me some idea of what filters need to be replaced (model #'s etc), at what intervals, and how to replace them?

    Here some info I gleaned from the "computer" on the tanks outside:

    System Status:
    Filter: Expired
    Hardness: 7 grain
    Iron: 0.0 PPM
    Conditioner Install: 09/02/2006
    Filter Install: 09/02/2006
    Drinking Water Install: 09/02/2006

    And here are some pics of the system:

    Thanks for any help!

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    Hi, I see this is a little late, but I just joined not too long ago and feel I may be able to help.
    The RO system looks to be a UF22 or 50 with a fast flush valve in the middle. You can find after market membranes for it, but I have not had good luck with a majority of them. Try DOW Filtec for the RO Membrane or buy it directly from your dealer (175.00 in CO from the dealer) they can also sell you the pre and post filters. Also, you RS dealer should be able to tell you exactly what you have. On the outside units, the system on the left looks to be a 24k grain softener with the tank on the right being a carbon filter (non-backwashing). The carbon filter will need to be replaced when you have a noticeable chlorine smell in the water. You can also perform a water test on the effectivness of the system (hardness & chlorine reduction, etc) and inquire with your water dept. who should be able to send you their water quality report. Another great place to look for information on these systems is filtersfast.com. Remember the RS valve is based on the FLECK 5600 PROFLO valves, RS only changes the electronics of the system to make it scary to the normal DIYer.

    Hopefully this helps...
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