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Thread: water system for well water

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    Default water system for well water

    Hi everyone,

    I need to install a commercial water system, and the source of water is comming from the well. I need about at most 35 GPM (no more 10GPM, and I know that Kinetico company carry such system (don't know which type). You guy know any information on this system or have any suggestion for this project.

    I am wondering is is there any RO unit that match such requirement (at most 35GPM no less then 10GPM). However, the down thing about RO unit is that the membrance have to be replace very often (due to the bad water comming from the well). I am wondering is there any system that require less maintance time.

    I am also curiuos what method do small bussiness filter their water. If you guy know a place i can read on this issue, can you guy suggest me a place.
    On the second thought, since this is for commercial use, I have two option. i can get a bigger water tank, or I can increase the water filter rate. Is there any system with larger water tank and water filter rate is 1GPM.

    Thank You.
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    A little more information is necessary to determine the proper design and implimentation of any commercial application. Can you tell us more about the source water (hardness, iron, TDS, sulfides, chlorides, etc.) and what will the water be used for? Any organics, hydro-carbons, tannins, etc.?

    Al RO systems will need some type of pretreatment in order to work more effectively and economically.

    Kinetico membranes have their "ever-clean rinse" system that keeps the membranes fresh and long lasting. As then membrane shuts down, it rinses with RO water so that it 'rest' in treated water during non-production periods. This saves the membrane from on-going calcifaction.

    Give more details, and we can direct you better.

    Andy Christensen, CWS


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